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Open Spell Book (Special Order)

Special Order Open Dollhouse Scale Spell Book. These books are bound like a real book but made to lay open and flat.
As if sitting on a desk or lap. The pages do not turn. The backs have a fancy ribbed binding.


1/12th scale Depending on application, the scale is also called one-inch scale (since 1 inch equals 1 foot), or six-inch scale (since 6 inches equals 6 feet). The scale is popular for dollhouses, especially those aimed at adult collectors.

Special Order.. Please remember that the books labeled (Special Order) will take some time to complete depending on my queue at the moment. They are individually handmade by me. If you are in a rush you can email me and I should be able to accommodate by the date you need.

Open Spell Book (Special Order)

SKU: ob0001
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